About Our Cooks

About our cooks

Best Practices for Continuous Improvement is our Philosophy.
Perfection is the enemy of good which leads to an Amazing Experience.

Mayank Sharma


The Masterchef of Inklicous Delicious Stationary Recipe. Being a Delhite and after studying Printing Technology @ Pusa Institute of Technology, he found his mojo and love for Creative Designing, Stationery & Packaging Technology during his early career stage. He has worked for different job profiles of sales, business development & marketing. While working for one of his projects with HP Indigo Graphic  solution, he traveled almost 2 Lakh km around the globe to educate printers about Digital Printing Transformation. He has collected various studies around Designs, Marketing, Communication & Packaging. One fine day, he realized the opportunity & potential in customised stationery & notebooks for students. Being the printing technocrat ,he is aware of what was being missed in quality & products to give a wow experience to the stationery & notebook user. Inklicious has an aim to become the World Best Quality Stationery & Notebook Provider by 2020. His aim is being supported by the various designers & innovative marketing idea creators.

Manoj Kumar Sharma

Web Scientist

Mr. Manoj Sharma is the backbone for the Inklicious, He is the one who executed the Inklicous project and made the beautiful Inklicious website. He is a  PHP web application & software developer, currently living in New Delhi, He is graduated from Delhi University & had been working as a web developer (PHP and CMS) since 2010. His responsibility includes to provide the seamless automation to Inklicious website and providing support & guidance to the backend team for hassle-free integration.

Shubham Kumar

Creative Operations Head

Where is the will, there is a way, The quote literally suits Mr. Shubham, the man who shifted his career totally into a different industry called creative designing from Printing production forte. He took the discussion to move into the creative industry when he met with a major accident during his first job with HT Burda Ltd, he got injured & remained hospitalized for 1 Year nearly but he didn’t stop there & his will took him towards creative designing for the brands like Elle, Brunch, Play Boy, Times, Maxim & many other different publications. He also served some of the big real estate groups In India as a creative head. He is very passionate about his creative work & team with the aim of providing the top- notch creatives & designs to the Inklicious team.

Rajni Bobel

Co-Founder & Creative Analyst

For me, the recipe of creativity has its own ingredients, it takes a spoonful of style, a dash of pure wit, a nice pinch of professionalism and oodles of fun. Oh, yeah coffee, how could I forget the main ingredient.

A natural inclination towards art made me start my career as the creative graphic designer more than 9 years back. This also proved to be a gateway into advertising and I started my own creative design agency, Dezmark Communications in 2013. As I worked more, I found myself fascinated by communication designs. Conceptualizing and designing communication solutions for a variety of brands helped me develop a thorough understanding of brand communication, as I dealt with a lot of client challenges.  As a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful creative analyst with an ability to successfully execute desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into creatives. Inklicious is special for me like my another baby. My nature is to fight against ugliness, to make communication designs more meaningful.

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