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Design Speaks up
with Technology

In this world full of opportunity, it’s just the matter of connecting the right dots and coming up with an interesting idea, which really can bring a change towards the society & the user.

We’re an online print – eco system and design company that is curious about creating great design worthy and use them to market as the products bundle.

Inklicious launched in 2017 with the aim to create more job opportunity and making the right use of  talent available of Indian youths be it a designer, software , hardware & marketing students to make great school stationery & corporate stationery products available in the market .

We are just doing the simple things by combining the Power of Creative Designs, Technology & Internet.

We are on a path to set a new standard in print quality & management, with remarkable launching and providing. While many other printers have chosen to use new technologies to simply reduce the costs of printing (and often the quality), we strive to make print not only cost-effective but better than ever before.

Designs, Standardization &

The every effort and step human made on this planet is to create a difference and touching people lives, exactly the same Inklicious has been trying to make for school notebooks and corporate stationery industry. At Inklicious, we try to make differences by filling the gap of quality, standardization, designs and giving a masterpiece to our customer of all the things in a package. Similarly our school notebook idea is a masterpiece in its own to revolutionize a billion dollar school stationery market whereas in corporate stationary, we try to serve our corporate customers the best possible quality. At Inklicious, we only speak the language of design ,  standardization & personalization.

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