Colors are highly impactful on the faculty of human imagination, that’s why we offer color paper printed cards to get attention of your target audience. When we look at Rainbow – full of colors, we get delighted as it is the most unadulterated and brilliant marvels of nature. It is not only beautiful, but fills us with immense enthusiasm. Colors charge us; they get our senses into harmony.  People must bring color to their color paper printed cards because of the following reasons:

1. Convey your business profile
Color paper printed cards give hints to your prospective regarding kind of services/products you are into.  Moment they receive the card, without reading much content, they can get a sense what kind of business you are dealing with. We recommend:

Pink for those selling female products as Pink is considered as a feminine color.

Blue for those selling electronics, as blue denotes trustworthiness and dependability.

Green for those selling organic foods or organic beauty products, as it denotes freshness and growth.

Silver and Black for those selling high-quality luxury products

Red reflects emergency, so it is best to be used for security-related companies.

Between 62% to 90% of the judgment is based on color alone. So introduce it into your marketing campaigns as color is a key factor. 

2. Makes your brand stand out
People have a tendency to keep their business cards in a pile. At the time of requirement, they start searching the pile. Chances are color paper business cards being picked up first as they stand out in comparison to black & white visiting cards. Visiting cards are the first introduction you give to your potential customer. Your use of color is one of the elements that will set your business cards apart from others.
3. Reflects your innovativeness
Visiting cards create the first impression about your business; a color paper business card introduces your creative mind to your customers. It sends the right subliminal messages to inspire any potential customer to do business with you. It shows you have the tendency to mold your products/services time to time as per changing customer needs.
4. Makes your customers feel valued
Do you want your potential customers to feel relaxed, valued or motivated? Color plays a major role in giving your audience the subconscious feeling that you wish to have them. They feel special receiving a colorful card, that might lead a chance to get business out of them. So don’t delay to introduce color paper business card in your corporate stationery.
5. Helps develop human connections
Handing out your color paper business card seems a good way to develop human connections. It’s a great way to continue the conversation with people interested in what you do. People you’ve already engaged through interesting small talk and eye contact.

Choosing the right color and combining with a specific paper choice as well as the shape can mean you either stand out from the crowd or your card will just be put in a drawer and forgotten about. At inklicious, you can explore amazing color paper business cards that could give you and your brand a unique perspective widely away from the crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and contact us now for color paper business cards!

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