Early morning airport check-ins, Late night flights. Coffee shops meetings & This fast moving life on a roller coaster, where you don’t have any idea where will you head tomorrow.
Millennials are choosing the different Profession & making out their own business & working rules, they don’t like to work like a Sarkari Babu, they find it difficult to do 9 se panch wala Job and fir wapis aakar biwi ki hath ki chai peena.
The millennials look at the things differently, 5 out of 10 Millennial’s are expanding their Horizons, They are finding a new way of living & making their and people lives meaningful.
Millennials are upgrading the passion each time, once they are done with the exciting passion. This passion keeps them awake and this world moving around the clock. Inklicious honor the feeling of Millennial’s & promise we will keep upgrading our motto to provide each millennial a High-End stationary solution.
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