The key to an effective Visiting card is the combination of several unique design and different Ingredients. The quality & Design of Visiting cards plays a Vital Role in Your business because it reflects your Brand identity.

How to get it Right:-

Elements – A Visiting card either its Economical, Business class or the premium one must have some of the following elements to become the effective and best one.

Size —

Selecting the Right size for your Visiting card is as important as selecting the Right Shirt size according to your Body, Size plays an important role , There are Multiple sizes, which are available at which various from Square one to Rectangle one Up to conventional and New Trends in Visiting card Size, Each size has its own look & Feel, Choose the best one for You.


How often do you forget to put a wrist watch around your wrist & How do you feel at work, when you don’t carry a Handkerchief in your pocket at both of the situations you feel Bit Missing whole day without a Watch & Handkerchief, Similarly Design of your visiting card is vital, Placements of logos, Font size, and selection of font matters meanwhile a great theme which can suit your business and reflects your vision & Persona can be helpful to convey message to your Prospect with rightly designed visiting card with your Logo.


Colors are very important in our life, We cannot even imagine a day without colors, the moment we open up our eyes in the morning until we close them in night .choosing a Right color scheme for your brand identities and Visiting card is as important as selecting the Right Eyewear’s for your Eyes In summer.

Maintaining the same color scheme on the visiting card is also important Color variation in Each card could lead to brand Identity Crisis, which is not Good to reflect the Company and Brand Image. Check out the Cool Range of Plike color Visiting cards

Paper / Media 

Most of the People are not aware of the fact that paper the base material on which your visiting card is get printed is the element which contributes more than 50 % to a visiting card , Most of the local Printers us the cheap Quality of papers and even sometimes worst quality but due to lack of awareness people buy it . It ruins your brand identity and leads to a Negative Impact on Your Clients & Prospects when your Exchange a visiting card with them Printed on a Cheap Paper, But we have found a Solution for this Problem. Now choose your Visiting Card from the wide range of Imported and High-Quality Papers like – Cotton finish, Mont Blanc, NTR, Glossy, Matte etc.

Printing Quality of Visiting Card  —

Yes, You heard it right printing Quality of Your Visiting card Matters, It is as important as fueling up your car with the unadulterated Petrol or Diesel. You must have noticed if we don’t choose the Right Printing Process after sometime ink and images on the card started getting fade and coming out from the surface, Even we can notice lamination and UV also started coming out from the base material, So next time you order your Visiting card Just check out Quality & Reliable Printing at .Where Quality is the First Priority to serve than anything else.

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