Since the Flood of  Electronic & Digital Devices, Everything we do in business today is digital — sending mail, signing contracts, attending meetings on Skype, even networking but The one thing which is inherent is the business card which won’t be replaced by the Digital very soon.

Here are five reasons why the old school business card is still important and why you should have a deck full of them at all times.

1. Trading contact information digitally is Not so cool.

Business Networking is all about making genuine connections. Sending contact information via text or email on the spot is convenient but it is also extremely impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and actual conversation is how real relationships begin and it actually develops the confidence of interest among both the parties. Trade Information with a Finely Designed Visiting card.

2. Effective Direct Marketing Tool.

Spending Tons on Email marketing, search engine optimization & Digital Marketing, Everything is to generate Leads & Prospects but still They aren’t as valuable as a personal meeting sealed with a Broad smile on face & handshake along with a business card exchange.

Traveling to other cities via, Trains, Flight etc and encounter with a potential lead or contact at any time — tradeshows, industry conferences, happy hour, airport lounges as well — and arming yourself with business cards at all times will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection. Keep some in your pockets, wallet, or laptop bag so the next time you encounter a prospect you are prepared.

3. Be Impactful

Consider the situation that You just bumped up with somebody who really could be a Potential Prospect or Lead, don’t you want to make an Impact on him or her & Say a Good Bye with a great first impression? A Business class, Visiting card can say a lot without even a word rather just pass on an email address or phone number.

When I create the Connections via my Visiting card, I don’t want my brand associated with the word cheap.

An IT Professional sharing a Very thin & cheap Visiting card will not be a Great deal.

My goal is to make a memorable first impression – I use Premium Visiting cards from  for extra impact. They make a great first impression and they also act as a great icebreaker.

A unique Visiting card can actually take a Conversation longer and make it worthy.

4. Creativity Works.

A Visiting card is a Branding Tool, whenever you share with somebody,

Your Brand stays with them.

A Situation where you meet a Client and exchange email addresses and phone number then just walk away – the conversation ends there. Instead of this, you hand over a creative 100 % Recycled Visiting card that makes a great impression that person is likely to show it to other people as well which ends up Keeping your brand in front of additional prospects.

5. Be Prepared all the Time –

Have you ever had someone write his or her contact information on a napkin and hand it over to you? It’s like that having a Credit card out of limit at Pay time? It isn’t the most professional approach.

you met a Beautiful girl in A Dance club and stared at each other and had the sense of exchanging number and next moment you look for Pen and paper to pass on the number the other person simply pulled out a business card? Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are professional in Your work.

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