Whether you are a small business owner, an industry giant, or a freelancer who is simply pursuing his/her hobby, never under estimate the power of business cards. They have the potential to enhance credibility and keeping you at the forefront of clients’ and prospects’ minds.


This is 2019, and you need to stand out different. Textured business cards are the best pick for representing your pace with modern dynamics. The rugged look and textured surface effortlessly get compatible with any minimal card design raising the bar of your business standards.


The slightly rippled, canvas-like texture gives your brand identity a unique look. The tough base of textured business cards gives an edge of ex factor making your card set apart from those who have been simply piled up.

The paper quality of your business card can have a huge impact on the look of the business card and how will it be perceived. At Inklicious, our thick textured paper gives your brand identity an elegant look. Blended with right color, the effect is jaw dropping. The paper is extremely absorbant, making ink heavy designs to attract eye balls.


Linen business cards are perfect for clients looking for something really simple and subtle. It is elegantly textured and does not scream “look at me” but rather, whispers class and simplicity. While conducting your business meetings, you may prefer not to overly show off both your financial status or overdo your graphics to avoid coming off as flashy – the linen business cards are meant for that.

At Inklicious, the recipe of our textured business cards is cooked considering the taste of the prospective. With ingredients of right designs, colors and alignments, the dish is ready as per your choice. For your convenience, you can have this recipe easily by ordering online. The process is super fast and easy. Simply fill in the information, add business logo and you are ready to print personalized business cards. Expect customized brand identity on your desk shortly.

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