Not getting enough business out of normal looking business cards? Try Gloss business cards. Gloss business cards have a rich surface that come with High Gloss UV coating applied to both the sides.  Glossy paper has high color saturation for exquisite contrast and range, bringing life to image.  Gloss business cards are more durable in comparison to unpolished stocks. The gloss coating provides thickness for the business cards that are more resistant to dust and moisture. The sturdiness prevents wear and stains adding much required extra shine.  Gloss business cards can better survive in a pocket, wallet or cardholder.

Gloss business cards help you stay out from the crowd. Normal looking business cards do not leave any significant effect on people. Imagine you hand over a plain white and black card to potential customer. Most likely, he/she will give a quick glance & is simply going to drop the card among the stack of other business cards. However, having the Gloss business cards will surely create a good impact on prospects which will certainly remind them to hold your business card for long term future reference

If you are planning to have a photo or a headshot on your business cards, a glossy finish will be the best choice, will protect your cards better than a matte finish. Gloss business cards enhance business colors and produces high end professional finish. The glossy coating makes designs look deeper and sharper. The coating resists foreign debris, which keeps them much cleaner and more presentable, without the risk of smudging ink or scuffing the finish.

Gloss business cards must be your preference if you:

  • Are a premium product or service provider
  • Are in designing
  • Are in fashion
  • Appeal to a female audience
  • Are in hospitality
  • Or, just willing to look different from your competitors.

Simply put, bold, beautiful and brilliant Gloss business cards are perfect for any business that wants to add oomph factor to their normal looking cards.  At Inklicious, we bring positive brand touch point to the cards that are attractive and vibrant. Our intuitive Gloss business cards help stick your prospects for extended period of time. Exclusive industry specific Gloss business cards are also available to reflect your innovative attitude in your business cards.

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